Chrome #21
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Through a drip-tip you can directly drip e-juice into the electronic cigarette atomizer or e-cig cartomizer. Can fit most atomizer or cartomizers which diameter is 9.2mm(0.36in) or so. 

Shape: Tapered 
Length: 23mm
Finish: Chrome

How to use?
*Insert the drip-tip into the atomizer or cartomizer 
*Drip several drops of e-juice into atomizer or cartomizer through the drip-tip

Notes about dripping:
* When using drip-tips on atomizer, you must be very careful with the e-juice level inside. You can either drip too much or too little.  Too much e-juice will lead to getting e-juice into your mouth, while too little will cause dry burning which will greatly shorten atomizer life and cause a burnt flavor.  Dripping takes some getting used to, however, many vapers find it to be one of the most satisfying ways to vape.
* This is not a problem when using cartomizers, because cartomizers can hold e-juice itself.  Please do not drip e-juice into the middle central hole as it will block the airflow.

Warranty: Non-DOA

Chrome #21

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